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Why now?

Ok people, I need a favour. This mainly applies to local people, but maybe others can help.

A couple of weeks ago I entered a competition put on by MusicMAX for tickets to see the John Butler Trio live in concert. MusicMax does these every now and then for later rebroadcast.

I have just been told that I have won two tickets.

The problem is that the competition is just for tickets, and not for transport or accommodation or anything like that. I knew this, and had no problem with this, or at least I wouldn't have had a problem with this if I hadn't had all my cards stolen yesterday.

So, I need to be at the Sydney Opera House (Studio) by 11:30am on Monday the 7th (ie less than a week) with a friend. So, can anyone help me and want to be my friend for the day?

My original plan was to do it as a day trip. Leave home Monday morning, get back late Monday night, or something like that.


Edit: A quick look indicates Virgin Blue to be the best choice in flights. Morning flight down (departing 8:00am or ealier) will cost $125 and a night flight back (departing about 9:00pm) will cost $85.

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