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Almost gave myself a heart attack!

Well, the good news is I've got the John Butler Trio gig sorted out.

A friend in Sydney really wants to go, so I won't have to worry about transport to or from Sydney airport.

Tickets are booked, so I leave Brisbane on an 8:00am flight, landing in Sydney about 9:30, the gig is at 11:30, and I don't fly out until 9:00pm that night. I chose such a late flight of two reasons. Firstly, it was the cheapest return flight (at only $85), and secondly, because that gives me more time in Sydney. If I'm going to waste a day flying down to Sydney, I'm going to make it a day!

One option was to leave Sunday night and fly down and stay overnight, but I decided against that for two reasons. The Brisbane Medieval Fayre is on this weekend, and I'd rather not have to worry about anything on Sunday night, plus if I did stay overnight I would then have to worry about an overnight bag, and at the moment the only luggage I am thinking of taking is my camera.

Now, on to the robbery.

Went out shopping last night, mainly to look at new wallet's. Since the wallet is covered by insurance I can't just go out and buy a new wallet, but need to get it okayed by the insurance company first. So I was driving out to the shopping centre, thinking about the robbery, and about the things they could have stolen and I'm glad they didn't, when I thought of my MP3 player.

I hadn't seen it for a while, and the last place I remembered seeing it was on the shelf next to the dinning room table where everything else that was stolen was... Bugger!

After working out what I wanted as a replacement wallet (about $50 to get a genuine leather wallet equivalent to what was stolen) I went home, trying to remember where the MP3 player was.

I get home and start looking, and can't find it. Last I remembered seeing it it was on the dining room table, or on the shelf next to it, and it's nowhere near there.

Just as I'm about to give up, and start looking for the details on it so I can add it to the Insurance claim, I decided to check on the bookcase outside my bedroom, where I had dumped a lot of paperwork during my last major clean up. Underneath all the paperwork, it was sitting on the shelf. It seems I had moved it when I did the big clean and forgotten about it.


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