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Today was a very electrical day.

Firstly, the microwave I rent from Radio Rentals blew up on Friday night (lots of sparks coming from the control panel, and a really bad burning smell), so I rang Radio Rentals yesterday, and organised an exchange for this afternoon. So instead of a two year old microwave, I now have a new, better model. All good.

While waiting for the Radio Rentals guy to turn up, I check the mail, and the electricity bill from Energex is there. Eeek! Almost twice as much as the previous quarter. Of course I know what the culprit is... The Heaters! This means I have two options. Don't use the heaters anywhere near as much as I do, and freeze, but pay less in bills; Or expect a high electricity bill in Winter. I'll just expect the bill, I HATE winter.

Then I decided to pull apart my computer to see if there was any obvious reason as to why the two CD-ROM's in it were behaving erratically. In it I have a 52x reader that's about 18 months old, and a CDR/RW that's about four years old. The reader is currently refusing to read anything, and the CDR/RW doesn't read most disks that were created with CDR/RW drive.

As far as I am aware, when you shake a CD-ROM drive you are not supposed to hear what sounds like sand rattling inside the drive. Oh well, looks like the 52x is toast. Nothing seems visibly wrong with the CDR/RW, but it probably should be replaced as well.

Current plan is to get a DVD-ROM and a new CDR/RW, and put the old CDR/RW into the second machine, replacing the current hex speed CD-ROM (yes, you heard that right, six speed!).

I'm probably going to get the two drives from Computer Alliance, I've dealt with them through work before, and they've got an LG 32x/10x/40x CDR/RW for $129 and an LG 16x DVD for $125.

Probably pick them up tomorrow, and hopefully install them Thursday.

Now, I've just got to remember that when I've got the computer, TV and both heaters on, not to also use the frypan and the microwave at the same time.

Blew the fuse again, didn't I?

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