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Freeform in Brisbane, 24th July - Muppet's Family Xmess

It's on again!

QUGS is putting on another freeform, this time one from Stephen (paradigmshifty). This game was originally run at Conquest 2003.

Name: Muppet's Family Xmess

A Twisted Reality Production

Muppets. Guests. Music. Fun. Frivolity. A 2 hour, 10th anniversary Xmas special.

There's going to be a wedding. Or two. Or...

Now, if they can only get the groom to keep his veil on...


A single session freeform for up to 24 Muppets. Players can request a specific character by contacting Stephen prior to the event. We will make all attempts to fulfill requests, but no promises. Specific characters will be allocated on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

Genre Knowledge: Not essential, but *very* useful.
Adult Content: Not recommended for those who can't handle mature content.
Characterisation: It's the Muppets...
Seriousness: A smidgen, but no more


For character bookings and questions, contact Stephen on rpg@twistedreality.com.au, for letting people know you are coming, contact Tim s4065592@student.uq.edu.au. Cost will probably be $5 to pay for pizza afterwards


PS - This one is NOT MY FAULT!

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