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I'm still here...

I'm still here, I'm still reading my friends page, I haven't gone anywhere.

I just haven't been in a mood for dwelling on things, and that's what posting to Live Journal tends to be for me. So, as a result, no real posts of substance.

Quick summation of my recent times:
  • Went to the Brisbane Medieval Fayre, caught up with a lot of people I usually only see once a year at the Faryre, and had a blast.

  • Did my day trip to Sydney to see John Butler Trio, and decided it was worth it half way through the first song. Everything after that point was a bonus. Worth every cent I paid.

  • Got the stolen items replaced, so I have a new laptop and a new Palm Tungsten T3, plus a new wallet. Now only waiting on the money back for the things I paid for myself.

  • Went to another Lifeline Bookfest, spent almost $50 for about 88 books, and out of all the books I have bought at the Bookfests I only have three double-ups. These extra's (and a number of other books I don't want, some spare coffee cups and the old couch) will be donated to Lifeline sometime in the future.

  • Spent two of the three days of the Labour Day long weekend at Travis' place (travisjhall) playing Advanced Civilization. Out of seven people I came sixth, so again another game I suck at, but it was fun anyway. And for those who don't know the game, yes it took two days to play one game.

  • Started going to games on Monday nights as well at ashfallen's place. And they have a lot of games I don't have. Ticket to Ride is definitely on my shopping list.

  • My mother has "officially" retired (like I believe it). As of June 30th the business shut it's doors, and now she's just doing two days a week on the accounts of one of the local business's out in St George. Dad turns 65 November 6th, and then he retires. The retirement house on the North Coast is supposed to be ready December 12th.

  • Mum and Dad are going to be in Brisbane for a couple of days in early August, so I'll be going out to dinner again.

  • Spent Saturday of the weekend just gone out of the house. Picked up by Scott at about 8:30, we then picked up greenglowgrrl and headed to Bribie Island, where we picked up Sue and went to look at the latest Endeavour Prize Home. Not too bad. This is one that I would actually consider keeping if I won. It was in a new housing estate on the island with a plunge pool, a decent kitchen, and a reasonable amount of space. Unlike all the others I have seen, this one didn't look smaller than the brochure made it out to be. I doubt I'll win, but I'm allowed to be optimistic. We were then going to go to the Abbey Festival, but after looking at the entry prices, we decided not to and just socialized a bit instead.

  • Wednesday night games seems to have finally died. Lately it seems the only people who were turning up were me (because I owned all the games) and Will (because it was his house). So it seems that it's off until further notice.

  • Kevin is coming back. He has been in Germany since late March with his girl. However, Lisa is having issue's with her divorce (what is it with Kev and married women?) so she's had to go back to the US for a while to sort that out, and Kev has decided that he doesn't want to live in Germany without her, so he's coming back. The first available flight is August 19th (ack!) so it will be a little while until he turns up, but he is due back. As far as I am aware, once Lisa get the divorce sorted she will be joining him back here.

  • I had sushi for lunch today! I've never had sushi before, so for me it was a big thing. I went with one of the guys from work, Emilio, and we just went to the Sushi Station in the Myer Centre.

I'm sure I've missed things, but I'll do another post if I remember them.

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