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Paper chase...

I get the news paper delivered each day, but tend to forget to read it during the week, so I usually catch up on the weekend.

A couple of things I read in this weeks paper that I thought worth noting.

Firstly, it seems that the Twelfth Night Theatre in Brisbane has secured the professional rights to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and are intending to hold Australian Idol style auditions. Interesting. The article didn't have any more information than that.

Secondly, Everyone is probably well aware of the fact that the BBC is doing a new series of Dr Who, scheduled for broadcast next year. The good news is that they have finally come to an agreement with the widow of Terry Nation, and the Darleks are going to be in the new series. Terry wrote all the stories involving the Darleks and held all the rights to them, and his widow was very insistent that she keep full artistic control if they were to be used.

My parents are in town tonight, and we are planning to go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

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