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So much for that diet...

The Wednesday night games/poker group is happening again.

A number of the people who couldn't make it on a regular basis due to other commitments are now able to make it, plus with Kev being back in town again it brings the basic numbers up as well. So we are alternating games and poker each week.

So we were playing poker last night. Myself, Kevin, Will, Byron and Tanya.

We had been playing for about an hour or so, getting used to all the different games again, when Byron says "I suppose now is as good a time as any" and pulls a Freddo Frog Ice Cream cake out of Will's freezer. Since it was for my birthday I couldn't really say no, but it did kind of blow my diet out of the water.

Oh well, with friends like these...

I won't be sticking to the diet all that much today, because I am going over to Cleopatra's (draquin) place for a birthday dinner, just a quiet one with her, Scott and me (probably also the cyclone and the munchkin, but they are to be expected).

So, diet restarts again properly tomorrow, but I'm confident with the amount of food Light'n'Easy provides that I shouldn't have any problem with sticking to it.

Good luck to me!

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