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So much for that diet (part 2)...

My attempt at work to keep both my birthday and my age secret didn't work.

I get to work to find a birthday card sitting on my computer keyboard. The card included a "30" badge. *grumble*, *grumble*.

And then Emilio (the guy who's job it is to keep track of birthdays and organise cards, etc) decides he wants some cake, and goes out a buys one, using the fact that it's mine and Eileen's birthday as an excuse. So I had a piece of iced Marble Cake.

After work I do a quick change, and Scott picks me up for the drive over to draquin's place for my birthday dinner. We were eventually joined by gene_machine as well as the cyclone and the munchkin.

Dinner was excellent, as usual (Beef and vegetable soup, and Moroccan chicken with rice and vegetables). There was also, of course, a birthday cake, a homemade chocolate sponge cake with strawberries, bananas, smarties and yogurt.

Hmm, three birthday cakes in two days? I think my friends like me.

And now that's over, how about I try and stick to my diet, ok?

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