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Useless fact of the day: An average woman uses her height in lipstick every year.

Yesterday was the second Lite'n'Easy delivery, and also the second day I have managed to stick properly to the diet, with Monday being the first.

I'm not too worried about my seeming inability to stick to it, because it's all been small things and/or things outside of my control.

Wednesday (the first day) there was the Freddo Frog Ice Cream birthday cake at Poker (and I said no to the Chocolate Bavarian, aren't I a good boy). Thursday was a birthday cake at work, plus my birthday dinner at draquin's place and the birthday cake there. Friday I ate a little bit more than I should have because I also ate the snacks I didn't eat on Thursday because I knew I was going out. Saturday I was out most of the day and ended up having dinner at travisjhall's place, and Sunday I ate the snacks I didn't have on Saturday.

On Monday I also had two (count them, 2!) chips from Red Rooster that I took in chip-tax, and yesterday I only had what was on the diet, and that was it.

There's a lot of food on this diet. I'm loving it.

So far I've only come across one thing I haven't liked, and that was one of the dinner's, a yellow chicken curry. I'm not a big fan of curries, and this one I just didn't like at all. As a result, I tossed it (after a single taste) and had one of the other meals instead. Since I was already 2 meals ahead (the dinners I didn't eat on Thursday and Saturday nights) I was fine.

The reason I was out for most of Saturday was due to the fact that travisjhall was running a freeform. Desert Song was written by Fi and Sara from Melbourne (by Sarah Western and Fi McConachie I have just had it pointed out by fraerie), and Travis ran it up here for QUGS. It was the most complicated freeform I have ever been in. Every character had links with just about every other character, resulting in the most convoluted plots ever. It was great fun, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Saturday night was the Max Session of the John Butler Trio that I didn't watch. There were a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, I was busy with the freeform until about 6, and the broadcast started at 6:30. While I could have made it, I didn't think it was very polite to rush off on everyone with the excuse that I have to watch television. Secondly was that get to my place I had to either drive through the city and across the Storey Bridge, or onto the freeway and along the south side of the river. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be a problem, but since Saturday night was also Riverfire with about a quarter of a million people trying to cram themselves along both sides of the river, and numerous Bridge closures for the actual fireworks I didn't think it was worth the effort. The third reason was Riverfire as well. The broadcast was from 6:30 to 7:30, and Riverfire was from 7:00 to 7:30. I was not going to try and listen to a music broadcast with that much in the way of fireworks going off less than a kilometer away!

So, I taped it instead, and watched it Sunday night. Loved it! the only problem was that, as I expected, they had to trim the show to fit in the hour. I remember ten songs, and about a dozen questions in the middle, but they only showed 8 songs and three questions. It was still bloody fantastic.

Last thing of note at the moment is that Monday night games that is usually at ashfallen's place is changing a bit. Daryl is getting a bit sick of looking after it every week, so it will be alternating between the regular venue (his place) and my place every week. Monday the 6th will be at my place. Email me of you want to know where I live, etc.

Have fun all.

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