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Yesterday when the alarm went off, I got up. Same with today.

Now that may not seem like much of an achievement, but for me it is.

Both days, today and yesterday, from the alarm going off until me getting into work was less than and hour and a half.

Previously it's usually in the range of two to three hours, and has been as long as five after a really bad night. The problem is that I don't sleep well with my back being as screwed up as it is. The usual reaction when the alarm goes off in the morning is for me to stagger over to the alarm clock, switch it over to the radio, and then go back to bed without actually waking up. I then wake up some time later, usually an hour or more later, wondering why the radio is on. I then realise I am awake, and get up.

I didn't like getting up yesterday or today (because this house is so bloody cold), but after a nice hot shower I was fine.

I think I'm finally going to beat this.

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