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The situation

A number of people have suggested that I look at buying rather than renting.

Unfortunatly, that is not to be.

I am a master at the great art of self-deception, and once again, I have screwed myself over without ever realising it. I can't afford $300 a week.

I originally moved into this house nearly four years ago (November 18, 2000) with Wayne. We had both decided to move into a better house together than either of us could afford on our own. When we moved in the rent was $290 a week, $145 a week each, which was at about the top of the range that I was willing to spend.

We lasted for about 18 months before Wayne pissed me off enough to kick him out of there. I should have moved at that point, but I was on a lease until November, so I couldn't really (unless I broke the lease, something that I didn't want to do).

November came around, the lease ended, the real estate sent me another lease agreement and I signed it (and accepted the rent increase to $300 a week) simply because since I had been doing it for the last six months I must be able to afford it, right? Plus it was easier that thinking about moving, and going through all the hassle of that.

Also, this was before I started going to the Chiropractor, and actually getting better, so I was in an almost constant state of pain and just wasn't thinking.

Of the two years since, about half of it was with Nicole or Nicole and Perrin, and while they were there the place was lot more affordable. They paid half of the rent (two of them in one room, I didn't think was reasonable to charge them two thirds, but I felt that one third was two little, so half worked out well). The problem is that once Wayne left, and once Nicole and Perrin left, I was used to paying the rent (in both cases they gave me their share and I paid the rent) so it didn't occur to me that I couldn't afford it.

At the moment I am "breaking even". Unfortunatly, I don't want to break even. I am in more debt than I really want to be, and the only way I am going to get out if it is by getting rid of one of the biggest money sinks in my life, and that is the house. Rent, plus electricity (you try keep a house like that warm in Winter, and cool in summer without having a huge electricity bill) eats up a lot more of my money than it should.

Plus, with another set of units going in across the road from me, I really don't think I want to live in that area any more.

Currently I'm thinking of $150 a week in rent, possibly up to $200 if it's something really good, but it would have to be really, really, good.

I've thought of the option of sharing a house again, but the simple truth is that I am a horrible person to live with (control freak and trust issues), so that's unlikely.

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