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Well, my email is working again. It was fixed last night.

||Warning: Geek stuff follows! You have been warned!||

The problem is, I'm still having issues getting the hitpoint.com.au domain name sorted out.

When I originally purchased the domain name, I used the email address I was using back then, the powerup.com.au one. Of course, this email address I got rid of earlier this year.

The problem is, to change details like that on a domain name registration you need the domains Registry Key. If you don't have the registry key, you can get the domain registrar to send it to you, but it only gets sent to the email address that is listed with the domain registration.

Now, Webcentral, where I originally had it registered, do everything for the end user. You never have to worry about anything, because all you do is tell them what you want done and they worry about doing it. It's good service, but it's not that cheap, and you have no actual control over anything since they do everything for you.

I'm in the process of changing from WebCentral to another web host. So, I've had the domain delegated back to me so I can move it.

I had thought that the domain name expired beginning of next month which is why I hadn't worried about it. So when I had discovered it had expired, I had to move quickly to renew the registration. The problem is, to renew the registration, you need the Registry key. To change the nominated registrar you need the Registry key. To change the nominated email address, you need to have the domain name active (ie: not expired), the registrar needs to be set, and you need the Registry key.

The problem is every time you do any of these things, it resets the Registry Key!!!!! So, as a result, I filled in the paperwork to get the Registry Key sent to a different address, got the Registry key, and transferred the Registrar to the new one (which reset the Registry Key). I then filled in the paperwork to get the Registry key sent to a different address and then renewed the domain (which reset the Registry Key). And I have (for the third time) filled in the paperwork to get the Registry key sent to a different address so I can actually access the domain details and change the nominated email address.

This time I'll nominate my gmail account, so that I don't have to worry about not having access to the email account again!


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